The Australian Stockman’s Hall of Fame and Outback Heritage Centre (ASHOF) recognises the contribution that the people of the bush have made to Australia.The Australian Stockman’s Hall of Fame & Outback Heritage Centre brings to life the rugged landscape of the outback, revealing the incredible and sometimes unknown stories of the everyday people who lived and worked on the stock routes.The Australian Stockman’s Hall of Fame and Outback Heritage Centre is Australia’s pre-eminent heritage institution in Western QLD and provides a spectacular tribute to the people of outback Australia. Conceived in 1974 and founded by renowned artist Hugh Sawrey, it took fourteen years for the dream to become reality and it wasn’t until 1988 that Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, opened the Australian Stockman’s Hall of Fame at Longreach QLD.


The Collection is developed largely by donations received from members of the bush community and their families. These items come to ASHOF as direct donations or bequests, or as donations under the Cultural Gifts program.
ASHOF curators cannot accept every item offered for donation. Each item must be assessed for its historic, social, and aesthetic importance; its known association with people, events, places, and themes; its expression of community identity; its craftsmanship, style, or beauty; and its potential to
illustrate technological development. Each item is also assessed against the existing collection: does it replicate objects already held? Does it have a better background than similar items already held? Is it of greater aesthetic value, or rarity, or is it in better condition than similar items?
When items are considered for the Collection, ASHOF must ensure that there are no legal, moral, or financial obstacles; that clear evidence of ownership is available; and that copyright, licensing, and reproduction restrictions have been determined and documented.

Collecting priorities

The ASHOF is interested in original material (preferably with compelling stories related to ownership) and does not generally collect photocopies or digital copies of original material, reproductions of artworks, copies of items already in ASHOF’s collection.

Acceptance of Donations

  1. Based on the value of the donation, ASHOF management will review the acceptability of any donation and determine if the benefits to be derived warrant acceptance of the donation.
  2. Criteria for evaluation includes consideration of any initial expenditure required in order to accept the donation, the potential and extent of ASHOF’s obligation to maintain the donation for a minimum of 10 years, and the benefit to be derived from the donation. After 10 years, or at the end of the donated item’s useful life, the donated item may be removed or replaced by ASHOF.
  3. The cost of a tangible donation may also include a maintenance fee equal to 50% of the estimated 10-year maintenance cost of the donated item, paid for in full by the donor at the time of the donation, and at renewal, if the donor elects to renew the donation as part of the first right of refusal process, this maintenance fee is, in addition, the cost and installation of the donated item.

ASHOF assesses all offers against our Collection Plan

Donating items to the Australian Stockman’s Hall of Fame & Outback Heritage Centre (ASHOF).
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